The Rhythm is going to get you

Rediscover your rhythm,
and move to it.

My blog title is a variation on Gloria Estefan’s song, The Rhythm is gonna get you. Every time I hear the song, my body starts moving and dancing. It’s odd that this song popped into my head today, because my energy is low due to a recent dental procedure. In contrast to the song, my body’s rhythm is calling me to more of a lullaby, and rest. As problematic as the procedure and the recovery have been, it’s truly providential.

In the Cosmic Community group I’m part of, the challenge for April is to rediscover our body’s sense of time and rhythm. In a world heavily influenced by the manufacturing world where schedules, planning, a rapid pace rule, it’s not always easy to find. Requirements of work, family, and others need to be attended to. But, in all of this, do we sometimes forget to listen to our body and our spirit’s musical rhythm? I must admit that I do.

At the beginning of this month, my intention was to rediscover that rhythm. As usual, my mind, in an interest in wanting to help, endeavored to figure it out. “OK, body, what’s my rhythm,” it asked several times. Sometimes it suggested it was the beat of my heart. Other times it wondered if it was my walking pace, that’s part of my health regime. Neither felt quite true.

The answer came at a recent one-hour webinar. I asked the presenter how to more fully live out my calling as a spirit healer. Her response was simple, live your passion, which translated to me findinig my rhythm through my passion. The dental procedure also made me realize that the cadence and tone can change. While it can be quick and bouncy when I work on my fantasy novel, it can also be Other times slow, easy, and full of rests, like when I mediate or even sleep more, as I am healing from the surgery.

What’s your body saying? What’s your passion and what is the rhythm that it’s inviting you to? As you do so, be attentive to and responsive to its changing cadence. Right now, my body is again calling me to rest (and not edit this blog a third time). But, before I do, one final thing. By opening yourself to discover your passion and its rhythim, you create your music. And truly, as Gloria sang, “the rhythm is gonna get you.”

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