Disappointment and Belief

Yesterday I learned that my book proposal for my spiritual fantasy wasn’t selected to receive a free book contract.

Disappointment. I felt disappointment. Despite being open to any outcome, I was disappointed. I reminded myself to feel that, because I had put a lot of work into the proposal and the book. After receiving support from my husband, I decided to chat with my divine advisors.

They first asked me if I believed in my book’s message. Before I could respond, they asked me that if I do, do I believe in it strong enough to seek another publisher and not let this rejection stop me.

After thinking a moment, I told them yes. Yes, this rejection wouldn’t stop me. My book’s message is important for me to put out there.

They also reminded me, as others have, that there will be people who won’t agree with my message, and may even be threatened by it, just like the main character in my book. They suggested that I use this rejection as a call to strengthen my spiritual base, if I experience future challenges.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have you put great effort into something you believed in, a project, goal, or dream, and experienced rejection? It’s disappointing. But, as my divine advisors also reminded me, my passion that fueled my book writing hasn’t gone away. In fact, I am currently looking for another publisher, not to mention working on the outline of my second book.

So, I’d invite you to do a few things. First, reconnect with your passion about your project or dream. Really feel it to the depth of your soul. It hasn’t gone away, has it? Tap in that energy to continue working towards getting your dream out there. My divine advisors reminded me that just the process of writing my book put my message into the world.

This morning, as I started my meditation, using the app Insight Timer, my divine advisors sent me one more message, in the form of a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote:

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

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5 thoughts on “Disappointment and Belief

  1. Joe I’m now working on writing also. Just went to a talk on self publishing) which may be an option for me but I’m still working on the writing, also took a class on memoir writing to learn some of the tools and techniques of story telling. Like you I feel very strongly about getting my story out. Just remember Margret Mitchell had 40 rejections before she got Gone With The Wind published.


  2. Congratulations John on beginning your writing project. A memoir sounds interesting. I also have thought about self-publishing. I’m also investigating creating what’s called a query letter to send to agents. Watching a number of youtube videos related to that and to what agents are looking for,. Thanks for your support.


  3. I am positive that you will have your book published, Joe. As the quote from the Alchemist goes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” It is just a question of time now. All the best!

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