Grounding into the Present

Have you ever been doing a task and found yourself thinking, “If I get this done in W minutes, then I can get X done by Y, and then I can start Z.” I certainly have. Sometimes life is so crazy that you can’t avoid it. But it also prevents you from being present. Most recently, this happened for me while washing the dishes. Unfortunately, the result was that some of them weren’t clean.

A few weeks ago, when talking to my divine advisors about this, they told me to ground myself. While I agreed to do so, I wasn’t sure how it would help. Since grounding is the first part of my meditation practice, I simply meditated. Some minutes later, I realized that my mind had mostly quieted.

Now, you may not be surprised, but a short time later, while doing another task, my mind resumed its forward thinking. When I became aware of it, I stopped, grounded through my feet, and returned to the present.

A most blessed outcome, that also resulted from this, was that I became more strongly connected with my intuition and the divine presence. This was especially apparent in some recent conversations where I was asked for input or to obtain information. My usual approach had been to prepare for the conversations beforehand by trying figure out the right words, based on possible scenarios. Sadly, this prevented me from being fully present.

Regularly grounding encouraged me to change my approach. It gave my intuition space for ideas, suggestions, and questions to arise, seemingly from out of the blue, and that were spot on. Each time that happened, I would say to myself, “where did that come from?” The answer was simple, from me, my intuition, my divine self.

Who knew that I didn’t have to figure everything out first? Who knew that simply grounding would help me be more present.

Food for thought.

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