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My name is Joe McMonagle and I am a healer of the spirit or spirit healer. What is that, you might ask?

Well, I believe each person is an incarnate divine being, that some call the soul. So, unlike a spiritual healer who may provide physical healing, a healer of the spirit or spirit healer is a person who simply tries to help people remember who they are. As such, my calling is to support you as you remember your deepest or highest self, and even rediscover and live out your calling.

In the many years since I identified this calling, I continue exploring the nature of what a healer of the spirit looks like, and what specifically I might offer. Now that my corporate career has ended, I’ve had more time to discovering and creating that by reflecting on experiences and gifts, learning from spiritual teachers, and connecting with my guides and God. So, that means I’m an ongoing student, but that’s the nature of life anyway, because it is so dynamic. As such, sometimes I may be uncertain about what choices are most in line with my calling. And, I makes mistakes, get frustrated, and at times gets angry, even with my spirit guides and God. You’ll discover that in my writings and blogs on this site. But I am also passionate about helping people and have had training related to that.

My formal education includes a Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering, a Master of Divinity degree, and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. My work career includes 12 years as a religious seminarian/priest and the last 25+ years working in the software industry. More informally, I’ve spent over four decades reading and studying writings on spiritual growth, past life regression, shamanism, various belief systems, and healing, to name a few. I’ve also taken numerous online and in person courses, conferences, and webinars on a number of these. Those teachers include Denise Linn, Liz Dawn, Terry Bowen, Neale Donald Walsh, and Sunny Dawn Johnston, to name a few.

To read about my path to being a healer of the spirit, read Joe’s story.

About this site

Through this site, I will share insights and understandings I’ve gained along the way, with hopes that some of it may resonate with your journey and be of help as you live from your divine self today. I will also share my own story and journey, including my questions, doubts, successes, and failures.

And, who is this site for? It’s for anyone searching for their mission or purpose, and how to live that out in your every day life. In other words, it’s for those who consciously or unconsciously have a barrier between who they are today (that is, how they see themselves) and who they are as a divine being.

While my site will evolve, it currently includes the following sections:

  • Blogs: Writing on a various issues, insights that I’ve gained, and questions that I may still have.
  • God and guides: Blogs about our relationship with God, spiritual guides, and angels, and other thoughts about who we are and why we are here. 
  • Explorations: Contain posts on topics that I’m still exploring, and for which I invite your own thoughts and wisdom.
  • Thoughts: Contains thoughts of the moment, that occasionally appear on the home page.
  • Meditations: Contains links to video meditations that I developed and recorded.
  • Contact: Contain a way to reach me to raise a question or post an experience.
  • About: Provides background information about me.

Other sections will be added as new services are developed.