The Greatest Gift

Growing up Catholic was wonderful in that it gave me a grounding in faith, established a belief in God, and emphasized the importance of prayer. Unfortunately, at the time, prayer for me seemed limited to memorized words. While I was sincere when I recited them, they weren’t personal enough. In college, a friend gave me the greatest gift when she told me that prayer can be as simple as a conversation with God.

I vividly recall the time I spent in the campus chapel spilling my guts to God about my struggles, questions about faith and relationships, and even my purpose. I didn’t know how God would answer, but speaking out loud to God was cathartic. After a few months, I realized that my relationship with God had begun to change, experiencing God less as one who judged and more as one who listened and loved. Through these chats, God had become my confidant and friend.

Eventually, I came to recognize that these apparently one-side chats were not one sided at all as God’s responses had been coming to me through unexpected encounters. One important one occurred when a friend asked if I would host his friend at my apartment for a few days. My intuition told me to say yes. That yes, led me joining a prayer group and ultimately led to my decision to become a priest. You can read more about that in my story.

Today, I still have daily chats, not only with God, but with spiritual guides and most recently angels. Their responses come from many avenues. For example, they come from people, like my husband or soul coach, suggesting a book, and from conversations with friends. They also come from music, movies, dreams, Oracle, Tarot, and Angel cards, and even emails. Finally, I often get them during our chats, not only from my intuition, but through words and phrases that pop into my head that I know are not from me.

Truly my friend’s suggestion in college was the greatest gift. I think of her and thank her regularly, as this gift led me to where I am today. If you have ever felt your spiritual life somewhat stymied because you don’t know how to connect with God, give chatting a try, and be open to whatever happens.

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