Is there one true way?

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Over the course of my life, my beliefs have changed. I grew up Catholic and was taught that it was the true faith. Until college, my beliefs were about following the rules and relying on others, like priests, to tell me what to do to stay on God’s good side. In college, where I encountered people with differing beliefs, and in the seminary, where I studied scripture and theology, my understanding of God became more loving and my beliefs broadened to recognize that there were many ways to connect with God.

Years later, I still have remnants of not wanting to believe the wrong thing and have found myself looking for the one person with all the answers. A number of times, I would come upon someone whose beliefs seemed identical to my own. After an initial excitement, I would discover one or more teachings with which I didn’t resonate.

Ultimately, with the help of my spiritual guides and God, I realized that the last thing I needed was a guru to provide me with all of the answers, because I would again be relying on someone external to tell me what to believe. Today, my approach is to look to others as teachers but not as the ultimate source.

This approach means that some of my beliefs will likely change as I grow and change. What often happens is that I have experiences or meet people that either challenge what I believe or provide me with more information. These clues, as I call them, are put into place around us to offer ideas to consider and that can contribute to the steps you take towards living your calling. Critically important is that it’s up to us to connect with our guides, God, and our higher selves to discover what makes sense. The same may be true for you.

So, to answer whether there is one true way, I don’t believe there is one true way that’s identical for everyone. Certainly, there may be people who follow a similar path. But I believe that each our paths will differ because each of us experiences life from our own perspective. In and of itself, that affects our beliefs and thus our path. Rather than creating division or chaos, that variety brings a richness to our human experience. And, in fact, I believe, that part of our calling is to support and celebrate each person’s path as they travel it.


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