We are one Divine Essence

In other writings I stated my belief that we, as humans, are incarnated divine beings, just as Jesus was. I’ll write about the uniqueness of Jesus, or Jeshua as I call him, at another time.

As divine beings, we are all one and a part of God. We share the same divine essence. In my course of Angels, Kyle Gray talked about that same oneness. He used the metaphor that God or our higher power is the heart and angels are the heart beats. He also said that angels and humans are expressed thoughts of God. Personally, those metaphors didn’t immediately resonate with me.

So, after I listened to Kyle for this part of the course, I realized that I needed to have a chat with my guides and God, and the Archangels Metatron and Ariel. Metatron, I recently learned, is the archangel who basically oversees and guides divine beings who are light workers and incarnated to live that out on earth. Ariel is the archangel of nature. I wanted to chat with both of them specifically because I was hoping that Metatron would help me understand our relationship as the guide for light worker, which I am as a healer of the spirit. But I also Ariel involved ensure that I would do so fully grounded as an incarnated light worker. Turning to both of them was meant to keep me balanced.

So, in my chat I put forth to them, that again, I believe humans are the divine essence incarnated. Since most angels don’t incarnate, I wasn’t sure where they fit in the overall divine realm. Through our chat, I received messages that angels are also divine essences of God; thus telling me that humans, angels, and all divine beings, are made of the same stuff. The difference between us has to do with our form. For us, our form is incarnated into humans and as humans we have a specific calling. The form for angels is one that remains in the divine realm, and likewise each as a specific calling, like I mentioned about Metatron and Ariel.

Going one step further, since we are of the same essence, we are all equal, even though we different forms and callings. There are differences in experiences and even degrees of wisdom. But still, we are equal and each have an important place in the divine realm.

 I’m reminded of a vision I experienced during a meditation in a consciousness class I took in my Counseling Psychology program. I saw myself as one being among thousands or millions of others. What I noticed was that although I was one of so many, I didn’t feel small or unimportant. I knew at my deepest level that I and each of us was a unique part of the whole. As one who struggled with low self esteem, recognizing my importance was invaluable.

So, in my chat, I wondered, based on the understanding that each of us is equal and of the same essence, does that mean angels can grow and change like humans do during and after incarnation? When I think of angels, I guess I had been thinking of them as static. Up until this course, basically, my only thought about angels was related to those mentioned in the Bible. So, I essentially saw them as figures in the past. The angel course, and my growing relationship with angels, precipitated this question.

So, pursuing this line of thought, I reminded myself, given that we are all one, then in some way humans, angels, and other divine being somehow share in each other’s experiences indirectly. So as we humans learn, grow and change, hopefully in a way that benefits us, and we gain wisdom, that learning is shared with divine beings, which impacts them. Then coming full circle, in response to what they learn and experience from us, they share their broadened knowledge and wisdom back to us. I would also include God, who is more that the totality of our essences, in the circle of exchange. This truly reflects us being all one.

I’ll have to reflect about this some more as well as talk more with the angels, God, and my guides.

One final point: As you read through, if some or even none of this resonates with you, I’d encourage you to explore what does. In his course, Kyle Gray emphasizes that angels appear or communicate with us in ways that are unique to us individually, via our interests for example. In the same way, I put forth that our understanding of God, angels, and our relationship to them, will likely uniquely reflect our individual experiences and knowledge. That of course means that as our experiences continue and knowledge increases, that understanding may change as mine has. It also challenges people who hold firmly that their understanding is this the true understanding.

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