Your worthiness: Do you feel it?

I had a powerful experience last week that I hesitated to share with you because I was unsure whether it would be of value for your spiritual journey. But today, via Angel cards, the angels challenged me to share it.

As mentioned in my story, for many years I struggled with low self-esteem. I didn’t realize until recently, that even though I believe that I’m good and worthy in my mind, somewhere further down, I still felt unworthy. And I discovered that this also impacted my relationship with the divine.

As you know from my other blogs, I talk to my guides, God, and angels every day, seeking their guidance and support. When I receive it, I always thank them. But I just realized that I repeatedly thank them for the same guidance, as if I didn’t deserve it. In a way, I believed that helping me was taking them away from helping someone worthy.

Feeling worthy

Coming to this realization, I turned to my guides and God to help me work through this. Last Thursday, I also turned to my soul coach. He guided me through an exercise where I came upon my toddler self, curled up in a ball, trying to remain unnoticed and stay safe. During the exercise I was invited to speak to the toddler, telling him he was loved, good, and worthy. By the end of the exercise, as I hugged him tightly, I knew he felt it.

Later that day, I became aware that I felt worthy. I was surprised. In fact, for the next few days, I kept checking to see if I still felt it, as if I was afraid it was fleeting. But it was there and as strong as ever. With this feeling came the awareness that my fears of not being good enough or getting in trouble (to name two), which I have tried to heal for so long, lost their foundation when I no longer felt unworthy. What a relief!

Now, I’m not saying that my fears have vanished completely. However, when they arise, I tap into my worthiness and allow it to enfold the fear and help it dissipate.

I’ll end by hoping that this story reminds you of your innate worthiness. May it be the foundation upon which you thrive.

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