We are one Divine Essence

I just posted a writing about this topic in the context of an angel guide course I’m currently taking in February 2022. As only blog posts result in automatic notifications to my readers, I’m posting this blog with a snippet of the writing and a link to the complete writing. Be aware that because this is not a blog post it’s longer, about 800 words.

Writing snippet

In other writings I stated my belief that we, as humans, are incarnated divine beings, just as Jesus was. I’ll write about the uniqueness of Jesus, or Jeshua as I call him, at another time.

As divine beings, we are all one and a part of God. We share the same divine essence. In my course of Angels, Kyle Gray talked about that same oneness. He used the metaphor that God or our higher power is the heart and angels are the heart beats. He also said that angels and humans are expressed thoughts of God. Personally, those metaphors didn’t immediately resonate with me.

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