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June arrives

My June greeting is taking a very different form than I had anticipated. With the Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde Texas, words elude me. As others have said, extending thoughts and prayers to the families of those who were killed are without weight if no action is taken. And yet, not too far away from Uvalde, and at the same time, the NRA held its national convention. It seems disingenuous at the very least for the convention to ring a bell for each of those who were killed, at the same time espousing that gun control abridges people’s freedoms.

What can I do as a healer? What can we do as human beings to ensure children or anyone don’t have to fear for their lives as they go about their day?

Recently, I started watching a program on BBC America called UK PD, that films police officers and traffic enforcement in the Midlands of the UK as they try to ensure the safety of their area. What is so noticeable is the absence of crimes and violence involving guns. When they talk of weapons, they most often talk about knives. In comparison to the UK , the US is far behind in handling this serious issue. Enough of that for now.

I wish you all a safe and peaceful June, as we each wrestle with our own feelings about this tragedy and the action we might take to ensure everyone experiences them.

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