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September sneaks its way in

September snuck its way in. Where did the summer go? That’s the thing about time. Sometimes, time seems to move so slowly, especially when you’re doing tasks or work that is tedious, challenging, or boring. And sometimes, time seems to zoom right by, like when you are on vacation or just wanting to relax.

One part of my morning meditation is envisioning and feeling abundance. I take a deep breath in and internally say, I am abundant in all areas. Then, while holding my breath, I think of all the areas where I experience that abundance. One of them is time. Others include space, compassion, health, wealth and so on. Then, I exhale, and ground into that abundance, really feeling in my spirit and body how spacious and grateful I am for it.

For me, an important part of experiencing that abundance of time is to truly be present in each moment, appreciating it and inviting blessings and opportunities. What results from that is that I slow down from my default quick pace, enabling me to flow through the day.

May you experience the infiniteness of time and the blessing of each moment each and every day.

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