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Abundance in 2023

A new year, and the first month of it. A time when some make resolutions to lose weight, do some clutter-clearing in their home, get more exercise. I think it’s also a time to set an intention for the year. I’m taking a workshop with Dougall Fraser called Cosmic Community. The theme of the month is aligning with abundance. The homework is to identify a feeling that you want to experience abundantly, and then take small to large actions to indicate to the universe that you are serious about that intention. The abundance I am committed to experiencing are self-confidence and feeling grounded.

The actions I’ve taken this morning thus far were done on my walk. While walking, I intentionally connected with nature, connecting with the ground, touching the bark of trees, stopping a moment to appreciate a purple flower on a bush, and standing tall and feeling the sun on my face. All of these are actions enabled me to recognize my place as part of nature, and ground in it. At the same time, in reflecting on self-confidence, the image that came to mind was being expansive and taking up space. So, rather than passing by another person silently, I greeted them good morning, even noting the beautiful dog one of them was walking. For a good part of my life, I tried to make myself small and be unnoticed out of fear of being harmed. In contrast, being noticed and literally claiming space reflects the self-confidence that I am embodying and inviting to manifest more greatly.

As you look ahead to this new year, what feeling to you want to experience abundantly. In your case, don’t limit it to feelings. What is it that you want to make more manifest? Better health, prosperity, greater connection to people or God, loving relationships, and so on. Take some time to meditate on it, and then, as Dougall asked my cohort an I in the workshop, take small action towards it, to show the universe that you are ready for much more.

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