Finding a new beat

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Has a song ever come on the radio, on your playlist, over the speakers in a mall, and you find your body starting to move to the song’s beat at its own accord? It’s such a freeing and wonderful feeling to just let your body move as it wants.

For many, we develop a certain beat or rhythm to our lives, like the time we get up in the morning, when we eat, and what we do during the day. Now that it’s about a week past my last day at my job after my layoff, I find myself in need of a new beat. Over the last years, I developed a rhythm to my days, with my weekdays molded around my work, start and stop times, and recurring department meetings. My weekends were organized around down time, handling household tasks, and perhaps seeing friends.

What happens when there’s a significant life change, whether from being laid off, moving to a new town, experiencing the death of a loved one, and even the pandemic? These changes can be destabilizing and uncomfortable.  In response, some might want to rush to create a new rhythm to avoid the discomfort. I’ve been there myself.

This time, for me, I want to let my spirit find the new rhythm naturally. Aware of the tasks ahead of me, my goals, and even my dreams, I’m trying to stay in the present, and trust my guides and God that a new beat or rhythm will emerge; one that resonates with my spirit and allows it to thrive.

So, that means being uncomfortable. As mentioned in other blogs, for so long I relied solely on my mind. So, the challenge to me and to you, if you are facing a disruption, is to live with the discomfort and let the new rhythm evolve naturally.

Like, Gloria Estefan sang many years ago, “the rhythm is gonna get you.”

Addendum: I woke up in the middle of the night following my posting this blog and Calum Scott’s song, ”Rhythm Inside, ” was going through my head. While the song is about finding love, for me, it’s also about letting your new rhythm arise, and moving to that rhythm as you live and love. Ironically, last night before I went to sleep I prayed to my visit my guides wanting to visit with them while I slept. This is one thing that emerged.

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