Workaholism, Perfectionism, and Letting Go

For many years I’ve been working on letting go of perfectionism and workaholism. In the past, I’ve done this through therapy, Workaholic Anonymous meetings, and even in my Counseling Psychology degree. I’m happy to say that they no longer control me but they still do impact me.

Letting go

In my job, I regularly keep tabs on them. Given the constantly changing software industry in which I work, burn out is not uncommon. Now, as I develop my calling as a healer of the spirit, I must admit they have shown up in the guise of fear about not doing “it” right. Perhaps some you might resonate with this with respect to your career, your relationships, or other things.

For the last month, I’ve developed two ways to help me deal with my flare ups. The first is by tuning into my body, noticing if my heart or mind is beginning to race. When that happens, I have a chat with Mig (that’s what I call my amygdala – the part of my brain which controls our fight or flight response). During my chat, I let Mig know that there’s no danger and invite him to rest.

Another way is through meditation. Recently, my meditation focuses on breathing deeply into each part of my body to let go and trust my guides and God. The meditation includes repeating phrases, including “I am whole” and “I trust” and feeling them in my body and spirit. One phrase I’ve added is “I am enough.” They help set a more relaxing tone for my day.

By doing this, I realized that as I let go, the energy I spent worrying and pushing myself is now freed up. Unexpectedly, and with great excitement, I’m using that energy to write a novel where my philosophy undergirds the story. Still, even with this, I do check in with Mig to ensure I’m doing this with ease.

If you’ve ever struggled with workaholism and perfectionism, and are working to let them go, perhaps these two ways will help and so free up some of your energy to embark on new adventures.

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