The Story Tells It All

This is a different kind of post for me. Two nights ago, in a dream, a group of us had to tell the story of the creation of earth and life by decorating hard hats, attaching them to the ceiling of a room, and presenting them to a panel of sages. When it was my turn to present, I believed that my hats were “lame” in comparison to the others. I thought that I had to compensate by making up a story. My first hat depicted the creation of mountains and my second the emergence of plants, animals and humans. As I was sharing the story, though, I felt like I was channeling Mother Earth and the divine, which was confirmed when I heard the message that “the story tells it all.”

I never presented my third and fourth hard hats, nor do I recall what they looked like. But, as I was coming awake, I had the feeling of great potential but also uncertainty, and that the earth and life were at a turning point.  One direction would tap into great potential and result in wonders. The other would lead to collapse and devastation. Soon after I realized that the odd use of hard hats in my dream made a kind of poetic sense as they are worn by construction workers who build up or tear down.

I felt like Mother Earth was sending a message to me and all of us, In fact, Mother Earth gave me a precursor of this through Michael Jackson’s Earth Song that I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago while watching “The Voice” auditions. With the evidence of global warming so apparent all over the world, given the changing weather, droughts, hurricanes, and so on, we’re at a turning point to determine how our future evolves.

As a healer of the spirit, my calling must include healing the earth through my actions and my attitudes. So I am being challenged to determine what my contribution to the story will be to ensure that our future is wondrous.  What will your contribution be?

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