Each moment is new and can be wondrous – yeah right

Recently, I received another “moment” message asserting that each moment is new and can bring wondrous things. Yesterday, that message had practical applications.

As I move closer to my last day in my job, I’m spending a good amount of time, preparing to hand off my work. When my boss asked me yesterday to take on a new project, I agreed but I wasn’t very happy. Still, I threw myself into the project. In the process, though, I made a mistake in a document that I couldn’t fix. I felt like crap. After I emailed the document owner, I decided to take the walk I had previously planned.

As I got ready, I looked for my new sunglasses. I bought them to replace the new sunglasses I bought the previous week that didn’t work well. Despite my searching and reciting the “St. Anthony” prayer numerous times, I couldn’t find them. I wondered if losing them was the universe’s way of telling me I shouldn’t have bought them. By then, I felt even worse.  I didn’t want to walk. I wanted comfort food, specifically a brownie or cookies.

That’s when I remembered the message that each moment is new and can be wondrous. My first reaction was “what kind of b.s. is that”? Although I believe it, I wasn’t feeling it. But I did get a spiritual nudge challenging me to not let the new project, my mistake, and my lost sunglasses control my day. So, I forced myself to take a walk.

Nothing wondrous happened during the walk. But when I got home, I received an email from the document owner telling me he was able to fix my mistake. And a few minutes later, Michael found my sunglasses.

Now, on the grand scale of life resolving a mistake and finding sunglasses is not wondrous. It was definitely a relief. What was wondrous was my decision to just keep going, even though I felt crappy, and to be open for something good to happen. I can’t say that my “yeah right” attitude has gone away about the message. But now I have an example of when it was true. That’s something for me to build on.

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