Bringing silliness to my spiritual path (2/7/21)

When I started on my spiritual path, I was committed to working hard to do it right. After all, since this was coming from God, I had to take it seriously, right? I mean this is important business and not to be taken lightly. Years later, through therapy and Workaholic Anonymous, I realized that my attitude came out of not feeling good enough and the need to prove myself.

While understanding this helps in my everyday life, my job, and my relationships, today I realize that I still take my calling too seriously. It certainly is important, but there hasn’t been much room for lightness and laughter.

Don’t get me wrong, in my life, I do laugh and my husband and I can be very silly at times. Laughter is healing and as a healer of the spirit, it needs to be part of my path. Yet, I feel like my seriousness weighs me down. I have talked about this with my soul coach, spirit guides, and others. The irony is that when I attempt to bring this lightness to my path, I do so seriously. Crazy, right?

One thing that helps me is remembering to go with the flow and not try to figure it out. Another, that recently came to me, is that perhaps I need to start being silly with my guides and God. When I was in the seminary, I was occasionally playful with my formation team (those who ultimately decided whether I was Paulist and priest material). They knew I took my training seriously but their reaction to my silliness told me that they enjoyed it. I certainly did, and it helped make my seminary time a joyful one.

So, I guess that’s the next step for me. Along with going with the flow, perhaps being playful with my guides will help me bring lightness and laughter in my calling.

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