You don’t have to do everything

As a workaholic and perfectionist in recovery, I developed a habit of pushing myself hard to do everything. After years of therapy and twelve-step work, I learned mostly to let go of that. When it comes to living my calling as a healer of the spirit, I must admit that it still creeps in. For example, I may sign up for a workshop even though it wouldn’t work well with my schedule, because I falsely believed I wasn’t doing enough.

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Repeatedly, in talking to my guides and God, I’ve been reminded to trust them. Recently though, I realized that for the most part my trust was somewhat limited to acknowledging their support and love. It didn’t include understanding that I don’t have to do this calling alone in terms of actions. While I must take actions, and do, like attend workshops, write blogs, and so on, I must also believe that my guides and God are taking actions on my behalf. In other words, it’s not 100% on my shoulders.

Have you been in a similar situation, believing that God or your guides support you, but think that it all rests on you? As part of our calling, we are asked to let go and allow them to do too.

So, what might they do? While they certainly can’t submit applications or a resume, if you are looking for a new job, they can bring your attention to opportunities or people that might make your work easier. For example, a friend might mention work that you hadn’t thought about or note a skill you have that is marketable. For me, as I continue living and learning as a healer of the spirit, it might be directing a spiritual teacher my way or a potential client.

The bottom line is that I and you are part of a team with God and our guides. So, we don’t have to do everything by ourselves.

Peace and blessings to everyone.

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