What is God?

Notice: This blog is about three-times my usual length.

One of my favorite vacations is visiting Hawaii. The reason goes back to when I was working in the software industry. Hawaii, or any place with a beach, represents a location where I can unplug from all schedules and activities. I see myself simply sitting on the beach, with my toes buried in the sand, listening to the waves crash against the shore, reading a book, and occasionally glancing up to see other vacationers reading, sunbathing, walking their dogs, or frolicking in the water.

For the last couple of months, I’ve found myself thinking about energy, God, and us. Through science classes, we’ve learned that all matter is made of energy. So, if I were sitting on the beach now, that would mean that the sand, the water, the sun, my book, the dogs, me, and you, are all matter. The more solid we appear, the slower our energy vibrates.

But what does that mean from a spiritual perspective? Well, in workshops that I’ve attended or books that I’ve read, that covered this topic, the presenter encouraged us to raise our vibration to connect with the divine, like angels, as Kyle Gray (#kylegray) teaches, implying that we access the divine on an energetic level. In a recent conference, Dougall Fraser (#yourlifeincolor) talked about the color of our auric energies, how they reflect our struggles and dreams, and essentially how they align for our good and the highest good.

Now, you may have noticed that my website is called “Remember Your Divine You.” That title is based on my belief that humans are essentially small pieces of God’s essence incarnated to earth, that many people call the soul. Might our souls be energy vibrating at an incredibly fast rate?

And now I’m finally getting to my original question, what is God? Many might say that God is love. Our course, I would agree. But, is there something underneath that? I mean, if our soul is energy, then wouldn’t that mean that God is energy too, and vibrating at an incredible rate, perhaps even infinitely fast? Now, if I raised this question with my catechism teacher, when I was a child, I might have been accused of sacrilege, to even speculate that the creator of all is “just” energy. Yet intuition doesn’t think it’s sacrilege.

Bear with me a bit longer. So, if we’re energy and God is energy, then the angels are also energy. Kyle Gray describes God as the heart, and the angels as the heartbeats. For me, that translates to angels being energetic expressions of God, like Archangel Raphael reflecting a healing God, and Archangel Michael reflecting a protecting God, to name two.

At the same conference, where I heard Dougall Fraser speak, two members of my spiritual group heard Sunny Dawn Johnston (#sunnydawnjohnston) explain that angels each have their own unique frequency. I found myself thinking that if angels are energetic expressions of God, with a unique frequency, might not each of us (aka, our souls) as energetic expressions of God, also vibrate with our own unique frequency? If so, does that mean that we exhibit a unique aspect of God, like the angels? And, does this uniqueness form the basis for our particular purpose or calling in life? I think so.

I know. This is a lot of speculation. I don’t know anything with certainty. All of this is based on my experiences, studies, intuition, and basically my connection to God, angels, and spirit guides.

I’m coming to the end. I promise. With all of this speculation, I also find myself channeling my preaching teacher in the seminary. “What,” he might ask me, “is a practical application of all of this for your readers’ everyday lives?” Well, first, as we await the results of the mid-term elections, most of us have likely seen the continuing division within our country, not to mention our world. And I’m not just thinking about division between people but essentially the division between us and the planet (aka global warming).

My speculation challenges us to remember that at our soul level we are all of the same essence. This further challenges us to create a connection with those with whom we differ, in other words, build bridges. I must admit that I find this especially difficult when faced with people who inflict harm and even death on others, whether it’s through greed, misuse of power, violence, and so on. While I believe that all of that harmful behavior comes from the hurt, fear, and anger of traumas that these folks have experienced, it’s still hard to see their divine essence that seems hidden underneath. Yet, as a spirit healer, my unique vibration in this life is to somehow shine light on the shadows created by that trauma to enable them to remember who they are, and thus shine their own light.

As we discover our unique vibration, when we look out to people, animals, the earth, and yes, even the entire universe, may we eventually and ultimately see the beautiful, colorful, and holy kaleidoscope of energy that we call life.

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