Loving during COVID and Divisiveness (2/13/21)

The last 12 months and more have been challenging. We’ve experienced the COVID pandemic, during which so many have died and so many more were infected. We’ve also seen so much divisiveness, hatred, discrimination, and violence. As a healer of the spirit, I daily pray that people remember who they are as divine beings, and act accordingly.

At times though, it’s been overwhelming. I’ve been angry and saddened. In my prayers, I try not to single out those who seem selfish and hate-filled. I’ve asked God and my spiritual guides about how to navigate all of this. Once, while meditating, I thought well even if I had trouble loving them, I could still offer healing. But, my guides quickly reminded me that healing comes out of love. While I agreed, it didn’t help me figure out how to live this out on a daily basis.

Last week, I stumbled upon the moving story of how the people from Gander Newfoundland, and surrounding areas, opened their arms and hearts to passengers stranded there when the U.S. airspace was closed due to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The story was portrayed in the musical, Come From Away. I found myself repeatedly both watching video clips from the show as well as news interviews.

Over the years, when I find myself drawn repeatedly to something, I recognize it as a message from my guides to which I need to attend. As I reflected on the story, I realized that as the Ganderians tirelessly offered shelter, food, and a listening ear, they offered unconditional love at the most basic level, despite differences in culture, country, gender, and orientation.

As I struggle to love during these times, their actions inspire me daily recommit to loving people at this basic level. I’m not saying that I won’t have times when I struggle with people who don’t seem loving. I will and do. I just need to remind myself of these Ganderians and start again.