Cages or wings

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My husband and I watched the movie Tik Tik… Boom last night, which is the story of Jonathan Larson, who wrote RENT. One line from a song profoundly moved me:  “Cages or wings? Which do you prefer? Ask the birds.” I imagined myself standing just over the threshold of a cage, facing outward, symbolically representing where I was and where I am now as I step into this next phase of my life.

As a child, I felt different from my family, other boys, and really everyone. In hopes of preventing further harm, I mentally enclosed myself in a cage of sorts to stay safe, endeavoring to be a happy and perfect son and student. Many years later, after therapy, I realized that not only did the cage not really keep me safe, it prevented me from truly being myself and discovering my calling. Today, as I launch myself into my calling as a healer of the spirit, I know that I still feel some fear and occasionally glance back into the safety of the cage. With some effort, I remind myself the safety was an illusion and remaining caged prevented me from flying.

I wonder if you are in a similar place, preparing to pursue a dream. One part of you may feel excited. But another part of you may feel fearful and glance back to your cage. Over the years, I’ve learned that I must honor the total experience, feeling it all, recommit to trusting my guides and God as I step further from that cage, even if those steps are a bit wobbly.

Thankfully, as I do so, I have received a couple messages. The first, via an Oracle card reading, told me that I am ready. It also challenged me to continue cutting the tethers of lingering inadequacy beliefs. The second, from a song by Calum Scott called Rise, speaks of what brought you to where you are now, finally coming out of the shadows, feeling some uncertainty, but also a strength that proclaims that you are ready and will rise or soar, going back to the bird metaphor in the movie song.

I pray that you who find yourself in similar place are able continue stepping away from your cage, and soar to new heights.

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