Releasing Beliefs that Limit You

I release you.

It’s been about a month since I was laid off. Since then, I’ve been writing blogs, reading about spiritual guides, and enrolled in two webinars, one for clutter clearing (towards letting go of material things that limit me) and another about becoming an angel guide. All of this has been in service of growing as a healer of the spirit, aka spirit healer or spiritual coach, and expanding what I offer on this website.

As I do so, old beliefs still pop up. Some include: fear that I’m doing “it” wrong; fear that I’m not doing enough; fear of getting in trouble; not trusting my guides and God; falling into the fight or flight reaction when something new is thrown my way; jumping to a future moment (like what do I have to do in an hour) rather than being fully present in the moment; and finally over-thinking. That’s some list, huh. And of course, now I have to add feeling shame for such a long list.

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In the past, when those came up, I learned that denying them doesn’t make them go away but fester, like an untended wound. So, I’ve tried to acknowledge them and move past them. But I realized that I needed another way to handle them and turned to my guides. The phrase that they suggested I use is “I release you.” And when I say it, truly feel that I am releasing the limitation. When I do this, I do feel a release.

Does the limitation go away permanently? No, it doesn’t or it hasn’t so far. But like my intentions that I repeat every day during meditation, I believe that repeating the “I release you phrase” also reinforces my intention to move on from those things that limit my life and living my calling.

Do you have limitations or beliefs that keep popping up, even after having worked on removing them? If so, the next time they come up, give “I release you” a try and see what happens.

Addendum, 2/14/22: I had another thought about this. As mentioned I’ve done a lot of inner work on my fears and feelings of inadequacy. As a result, I understand how they came about and what triggers them. To ensure that I don’t fall into denying them and thus swallowing any of these feelings, I’ve added a phrase before “I release you.” Now I say, I understand you and I release you.” That way I acknowledge the feelings and then let them go.

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