How do I find my purpose? (1/31/21)

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Over the years, I’ve heard people talk about their struggle to find their purpose. Because I believe that we all chose to be born into our current incarnations with a particular purpose, I believe our task is not to discover it but remember it. I thought I would offer some thoughts about how to do so based on my own journey.

The first step to remembering is to make self-reflection a daily part of your life. If you don’t understand yourself, your likes and dislikes, and your behavioral and emotional patterns, it’s unlikely that you’ll remember your purpose.

That self-reflection develops and strengthens your intuition, and enables you to understand yourself, your experiences, and others. As part of this, notice the people and activities towards which you are drawn, especially those that bring you joy and make you feel alive.

Then start considering what you are passionate about. This may be different from what you are good at. As I was completing my therapist training, I realized that I didn’t feel the passion that my classmates did. Although I knew that I could be a good therapist, I realized that it didn’t enliven me. If I hadn’t been tapped into myself, I would not have known that this was not my purpose.

As you explore your passions, also look to your spiritual guides or God for messages. These can come through people, books, songs, and more. Granted, they may not always be clear or come as frequently as we may want, but if you are open to and ask for them, they will come and sometimes from the most unexpected places.

My final thought is to trust and let go. As hard as it might be to do both, if you hold your intention of remembering your purpose in your heart, and believe that it will reveal itself, it will.

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