This page is a collection of thoughts of the moment, that I first post on the Home page and then move here as more arise.

April 2021

Facing a challenging day/connecting to spirit

Have you ever woken up in the morning and you are just not ready to face the day? Perhaps, you find your job unfulfilling or you have fear about being able to do something. At those times, I don’t deny the feelings but rather try to feel into my strength as a divine being through meditation.

First, I sit in my usual spot on the couch in my living room. Because it’s a familiar place, it helps me settle more quickly. Then, I take deep breaths and feel my connection to the earth, and its strength. Then, I imagine that that strength is connected to something larger, other divine beings, including my guides. Finally, I just sit in that experience for a while.

March 2021

Asking more from your guides

I had two dreams last night that had a similar theme. I’ve had similar dreams in the past but their meanings were not clear. If that happens to you, put the question back to your guides and God. Tell them that if they are sending you a message, they need to send it in a clearer or different way. I used to try to wrack my brain trying to figure them out. Then, I realized, that wasn’t helping me. So, now I turn those messages back to them and let them go. Well, mostly.

Let the wild flow freely

As I sit on my balcony, looking at my potted sweet alyssum, I notice how wild it looks with shoot going every which way, and wonder if I should trim it to make it more ordered. Then, I realize that I need to just let it be wild and flow freely, just as I need my life and my calling to move forward freely and with no restrictions. In other words, I need to let divine inspiration grow as it wants and be open where it leads.