The Rhythm is going to get you

Rediscover your rhythm,
and move to it.

My blog title is a variation on Gloria Estefan’s song, The Rhythm is gonna get you. Every time I hear the song, my body starts moving and dancing. It’s odd that this song popped into my head today, because my energy is low due to a recent dental procedure. In contrast to the song, my body’s rhythm is calling me to more of a lullaby, and rest. As problematic as the procedure and the recovery have been, it’s truly providential.

In the Cosmic Community group I’m part of, the challenge for April is to rediscover our body’s sense of time and rhythm. In a world heavily influenced by the manufacturing world where schedules, planning, a rapid pace rule, it’s not always easy to find. Requirements of work, family, and others need to be attended to. But, in all of this, do we sometimes forget to listen to our body and our spirit’s musical rhythm? I must admit that I do.

At the beginning of this month, my intention was to rediscover that rhythm. As usual, my mind, in an interest in wanting to help, endeavored to figure it out. “OK, body, what’s my rhythm,” it asked several times. Sometimes it suggested it was the beat of my heart. Other times it wondered if it was my walking pace, that’s part of my health regime. Neither felt quite true.

The answer came at a recent one-hour webinar. I asked the presenter how to more fully live out my calling as a spirit healer. Her response was simple, live your passion, which translated to me findinig my rhythm through my passion. The dental procedure also made me realize that the cadence and tone can change. While it can be quick and bouncy when I work on my fantasy novel, it can also be Other times slow, easy, and full of rests, like when I mediate or even sleep more, as I am healing from the surgery.

What’s your body saying? What’s your passion and what is the rhythm that it’s inviting you to? As you do so, be attentive to and responsive to its changing cadence. Right now, my body is again calling me to rest (and not edit this blog a third time). But, before I do, one final thing. By opening yourself to discover your passion and its rhythim, you create your music. And truly, as Gloria sang, “the rhythm is gonna get you.”

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Embody the Fool

Today, April 1, is All Fools’ Day. On this day, many engage in pranks. I found myself thinking about this day from another perspective. Normally, people don’t want to be thought of as a fool. But I wonder if there are situations when acting like the fool is a good thing?

Embody the Fool

Over the last months, storms of all kinds have taken their toll. Despite that, many still insist there is no global warming. To them, those who challenge their mindset are fools. Are we not encouraged look foolish on our world’s behalf?

In the corporate world, standard business practice for laying off people is to use the phrase, we’ve eliminated your position, rather than honestly calling it what it is. Ironically, some of the same businesses talk about the importance of their employees. Yet they demand long work hours for insufficient pay. In both cases, might we be called to play the fool and call them on it?

Let’s look at this from an even more personal perspective. For those whose childhood was marked with trauma and abuse, it was critical to be invisible in order to stay safe. Taking risks or trying something new would be foolish. Such a person might conclude that it’s better to stay in a job that you hate or a relationship that is unhealthy. And some would consider it foolish to dig into the trauma, even if it might bring healing. Yet might this foolishness lead to peace and possibilities?

This week, many in the world celebrate Holy Week. It starts with Palm/Passion Sunday, which marks the day that Jesus enters Jerusalem, a place in which he ultimately dies. Some would consider traveling there foolish. Religious leaders of the time would consider him foolish and dangerous for what he taught. Yet, he willingly embodied the fool to follow his calling.

During the month of April, what if we embody the fool? What if we take risks that reflect our purpose, even if they might be scary or difficult. What if we to stand up to care for all people and our universe? What if we demand honesty from corporations?

 What do you say? Are you with me?

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Grounding into the Present

Have you ever been doing a task and found yourself thinking, “If I get this done in W minutes, then I can get X done by Y, and then I can start Z.” I certainly have. Sometimes life is so crazy that you can’t avoid it. But it also prevents you from being present. Most recently, this happened for me while washing the dishes. Unfortunately, the result was that some of them weren’t clean.

A few weeks ago, when talking to my divine advisors about this, they told me to ground myself. While I agreed to do so, I wasn’t sure how it would help. Since grounding is the first part of my meditation practice, I simply meditated. Some minutes later, I realized that my mind had mostly quieted.

Now, you may not be surprised, but a short time later, while doing another task, my mind resumed its forward thinking. When I became aware of it, I stopped, grounded through my feet, and returned to the present.

A most blessed outcome, that also resulted from this, was that I became more strongly connected with my intuition and the divine presence. This was especially apparent in some recent conversations where I was asked for input or to obtain information. My usual approach had been to prepare for the conversations beforehand by trying figure out the right words, based on possible scenarios. Sadly, this prevented me from being fully present.

Regularly grounding encouraged me to change my approach. It gave my intuition space for ideas, suggestions, and questions to arise, seemingly from out of the blue, and that were spot on. Each time that happened, I would say to myself, “where did that come from?” The answer was simple, from me, my intuition, my divine self.

Who knew that I didn’t have to figure everything out first? Who knew that simply grounding would help me be more present.

Food for thought.

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Disappointment and Belief

Yesterday I learned that my book proposal for my spiritual fantasy wasn’t selected to receive a free book contract.

Disappointment. I felt disappointment. Despite being open to any outcome, I was disappointed. I reminded myself to feel that, because I had put a lot of work into the proposal and the book. After receiving support from my husband, I decided to chat with my divine advisors.

They first asked me if I believed in my book’s message. Before I could respond, they asked me that if I do, do I believe in it strong enough to seek another publisher and not let this rejection stop me.

After thinking a moment, I told them yes. Yes, this rejection wouldn’t stop me. My book’s message is important for me to put out there.

They also reminded me, as others have, that there will be people who won’t agree with my message, and may even be threatened by it, just like the main character in my book. They suggested that I use this rejection as a call to strengthen my spiritual base, if I experience future challenges.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have you put great effort into something you believed in, a project, goal, or dream, and experienced rejection? It’s disappointing. But, as my divine advisors also reminded me, my passion that fueled my book writing hasn’t gone away. In fact, I am currently looking for another publisher, not to mention working on the outline of my second book.

So, I’d invite you to do a few things. First, reconnect with your passion about your project or dream. Really feel it to the depth of your soul. It hasn’t gone away, has it? Tap in that energy to continue working towards getting your dream out there. My divine advisors reminded me that just the process of writing my book put my message into the world.

This morning, as I started my meditation, using the app Insight Timer, my divine advisors sent me one more message, in the form of a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote:

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

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